#Skyrim challenge (2)

6: Least Favourite Quest Line.
Probably the civil war questline.  I didn’t feel connected to either side (Stormcloaks or Imperials) but ended up siding with the Imperials as the stormcloaks were all ‘skyrim for the nords’.  Although I disliked the Imperials outlawing Talos as I didn’t really see why it was such a big deal (even knowing their reasons) and obviously the Stormcloaks racism to non-nords was a big factor as I was a Bosmer.  I wouldn’t have bothered with the quest but I believe you have to do at least part of it to finish the Dragonborn questline….

7: Least Favourite Quest.
Any of the evil daedra quests really – the one in Markarth sticks out.  I ended up doing this quest by accident and I didn’t like it at all.  Although I play a thief and she has slightly questionable morals, she is never evil… 😉

8: Favourite Companion(s)
I never used the available, official companions.  As I play a sneaky type, they end up just getting in my way and on my nerves…

9: Favourite City
It’s hard to choose a favourite but I did really like Markarth with the dwemer architecture and the river running through.  The house there was quite nice too.


10: Favourite Hold
I like The Rift perhaps the best, its a very forested area and felt quite peaceful.  The coast in Winterhold was quite spectacularly pretty though…


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  1. Rakuno says:

    Agreed about the civil war. It was a great idea on paper but the implementation left a lot to be desired. You do not have to do it to progress on the main questline though. There is an interesting option if you choose to not side with any of them. 🙂

    Also agreed about Markarth! For holds, I think I may like the Falkreath more for some reason… Maybe because I like the house from Hearthfire there best.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      oh I hadn’t realised that – will have to investigate, thanks 🙂 and yes… Falkreath is also one of my favourite areas 🙂 (yep, pretty much all of skyrim I like, except for maybe the boggy/swampy parts ;))

      1. Rakuno says:

        I didn’t know about it either. I always thought we had to pick a side. Then after finishing the game a couple times and checking out other sides I found out that you could, indeed, go neutral and still finish the main quest. I am not sure I was able to do that yet though… I know I did try to go that path with a few characters but then end up losing those saves due to a lot of reasons. Hm.

  2. eldaeriel says:

    @rakuno I’m sure a few years ago, I looked up the quest chain before I finished it (partly because there was at least 18 months of just ignoring the main quest as is traditional ;)) and I’m sure it said that you had to get the civil war quest to a certain stage or you couldn’t carry on with the dovahkiin questline… maybe it was wrong information at the time or something? oh well, I definitely won’t bother with it now for future playthroughs anyway 🙂

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