#skyrim challenge (4)

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16: Least Favourite Creature
hmm… the Chaurus, disgusting and when you first come across them tricky to kill.

17: Hoarder or no?
um yes.  a big yes.  a scarily big yes.  I tend to hang on to things in case they are useful at a future date.  They rarely are.  I also like to keep weapons and armour sets for display purposes, books for bookshelves and obviously every crafting ingredient under the sun.

18: Favourite House.
I did really like the Markarth house, it was a nice size and easy to move about in, for the Hearthfire dlc, I think the Falkreath area ended up being my favourite.  Modded is this house, absolutely gorgeous and tons of display space, including quest related updates.

19: Mods or no mods?
My first playthrough is always unmodded (although I will use mods to make the UI easier or fix bugs)  Second playthrough and beyond, I bung as many mods as I can in.  I had over 50 mods running at my latest count and there are still more to try!  Thank you to all the modders out there 🙂

20: What do I hate most about Skyrim?
I don’t think there’s anything that I hate as such.  I suppose I would like the dialogue for NPCs to be extended perhaps.   More variety and more dialogue after you have completed quest objectives.

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  1. atz1830 says:

    Hoarding is such a loaded term isn’t it. I mean, (for example) is it hoarding to want a complete Dwemer dinner service for 12? I prefer to think of it as being prepared for any eventuality, such as seven dwarves coming for dinner with you, leaving four spare settings for uninvited guests or breakages.

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