games… and more games…

As it’s pretty much summer and the 6 weeks holidays are looming, gaming is starting to take a backseat.  I thought it might be time to update my games currently being played and games I’d like to play in the near future.

Unsurprisingly, the allure of Black Desert Online has worn off.  I thought this would be a short term game for reasons I outlined in this post.  However, I highly recommend you try it out (especially if you can get hold of a free 7 day trial key).  The world building in this game is absolutely amazing and it is really fun to explore.  I also rather like the secondary systems.  I truly hope worlds like this (with separate pvp (for me), more pve and far, far less grinding and RNG) become more common in the future.  I will still be popping in as I do like to explore and I still have some of the northern ocean left to sail around.  There are also houses to decorate and horses to breed if I so fancy.

Guild Wars 2, as may be obvious, is just not doing ‘it’ for me at the moment (whatever ‘it’ is ;)).  No fault of the game and I think I may well be kicking myself in the future for missing the Living Story 3 lead in events.

Elder Scrolls Online has got my attention again.  The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood has introduced some very fun content and I’m looking forward to the game now being able to bring in new areas and new stories.  I was quite disappointed by the E3 news (removal of pve factions and scaling, open world), although less barriers to play with other people is always good and it is more in the spirit of the series.  I was disappointed because I was expecting housing news.  This is why I don’t do predictions – I was certain they wouldn’t bother doing a Skyrim remaster and was sure they would announce housing for ESO 😛  Completely and utterly wrong.

I am also currently playing Landmark.  It is much changed from the early days, I think on the whole for the better although it does now miss some sense of character progression.  It is far easier to just jump in and start building or port to one of the underground caverns for some combat.  I’ve rebuilt and improved my wood elf treehouse (new textures!) and I am *so* happy with it 🙂  I just need to either get lucky for furniture recipe drops or grind some lumen to buy the ones I want.  (if you can visit, search eldae or wood elf tree house under fantasy – would love some visitors!)

Single Player games:
I started a replay of Dragon Age Inquisition, made my favourite elf yet *cough* and was really enjoying myself.  For some reason, I just stopped.  Should pick it up again really.

There is always the danger of a return trip to Skyrim.  I’m managing to resist for now, but I’m not sure how long I will hold out.

I am absolutely determined to play Mass Effect 1 to 3 before Andromeda is released.  Really, I mean it this time 😛


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