I’m doing it, I’m actually finally playing through the first Mass Effect (2007) and I’m enjoying it 🙂

Anyway, some screenshots with commentary.

Kaidan giving my Shep the side eye (I’d possibly got lost in the featureless corridors *again*)
I still can’t believe they went to the effort of recreating the whole lift experience in such authentic detail… and then make you use them almost continually…
Ah… the Mako.  Handles like a wonky supermarket trolley being driven on a bouncy castle
I haven’t included this shot for the pretty lens flare – that’s a bonus. I’ve included it to show that even if you don’t get them with the Mako’s cannon or machine gun, you can always run them over.

I’m about to storm Virmire and onto the conclusion and then Mass Effect 2…


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  1. atz1830 says:

    Ah the lift had forgotten about that also. Could be worse I suppose, they could have made you take the mako into the lift

  2. Rakuno says:

    The reason for the lift is because they used it as a disguised loading screen. Also, I think I am probably one of the five people in the whole world who didn’t mind the mako. With 3 of the other being the developers who worked on it. 🙂

  3. Faeldray says:

    I actually liked the lift because your companions would chat and since I always had Garrus with me, that meant amusing banter. I thought the Mako was a little awkward but I didn’t hate it. Although I don’t usually drive vehicles in the games I play. But I digress…Mass Effect is AWESOME. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did. 😀

  4. eldaeriel says:

    I’ve never heard my companions speak in the lift, I can’t talk to them either 😦

    I don’t *hate* the Mako, it’s quite fun when it’s going where you want it to! but yes, at least we don’t have to manouevre it into a lift 😉

    yes, very much enjoying it so far – its making a nice change playing a sci fi setting 🙂

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