MMO screenshots: frozen

I’m going to do a series of themed screenshot posts and I decided to set them in my favourite MMO worlds.

There have been five MMOs that have really grabbed me and still haven’t let go, even if I’m not currently playing them.  I’m sure there could be others but these MMOs tend to be the ones where I have found a group of friends and had some very fun and silly times whilst slaughtering our way through dungeons and raids.

The MMOs in question are Everquest 2 (2006 to 2010), Lord of the Rings Online (2010 to 2013), Elder Scrolls Online (2014 – present) and Guild Wars 2 (Aug 2015 to Apr 2016, on a break).  The fifth one is Vanguard: Saga of Heroes but this is a special case so I won’t be including it in this series.

I’m going to start with cold and snowy biomes as its one of my favourite types of zone to wander around in.  I’m going to be strict and only allow one screenshot per MMO!

EQ2 – Frostfell zoneEQ2 Frostfell

This is the festival zone which has some very fun quests and some very jingly and festive music.  I am always tempted to log back into EQ2 for Frostfell, it is so well done.

Lotro –  Wildermore lotro wildermore

I really enjoyed this area, absolutely stunning to quest through.  It was fun charging around here chasing the warbands.

ESO – Wrothgareso wrothgar

Wrothgar is an amazing DLC, absolutely gorgeous with tons of quests and public bosses/delves to do – I still haven’t finished it.  Wrothgar covers a large area and is really fun to explore.

GW2 – Frostgorge Soundgw381

This was one of my favourite zones, very pretty.  I just really liked the pastel mistiness of this screenshot.


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  1. Hannah says:

    Agghh I love your screenshots so much. ❤

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