I’m actually away for a week, so this post and 3 posts for next week have been scheduled (go me for being organised for once!)  I may not be able to reply to any comments I may get, if not, I’ll catch up when I’m back 🙂

I am really glad I finally got myself into gear and played through this series.  I am thoroughly enjoying it and the characters I am meeting are superb.  I am possibly, roughly halfway through ME3 and Bioware is not disappointing with the angst.  I hadn’t been too bothered by the Kaidan / Ashley choice in ME1 as I didn’t feel like I’d really got to know them before I had to choose (I may well be at fault here) and I managed to save everyone in ME2 (*ahem* through much googling and cheating obvs).  ME3 though, I first had to say goodbye to Mordin as he sacrificed himself to save the Krogan race (that was really sad, especially his quiet little singing at the end) and then goodbye to Thane.  I was very close to romancing him in ME2 but I spoilerised myself (always a good thing for Bioware romances :P) and chose Garrus instead (a good choice!).  It was still very sad to see him go though.

So yes, here I’ve just left Thane and am looking at the casualties of the Cerberus attack on the Citadel.  I feel worse is yet to come 😉

ME3 halfway

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