#skyrim challenge (5)

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21: Funniest thing you’ve done.

skyrim funny

I may be easily amused but I was highly entertained by my follower hitting every single trap on the way down and then running into the puddle of oil I set on fire…

22: Funniest glitch you’ve encountered
The giant kick…  I never was kicked quite as hard as this and have a complete lack of video, so here’s someone who was more prepared than I 😉

23: Favourite Song.

Ok so it’s not a song as such but it’s one of the stand out pieces for me.  Whenever I heard this, I used to just hang around to listen to it.  Far too many distractions…

24: Stormcloak Rebel, Imperial Legionnaire or neither?
I didn’t particularly want to choose either but I did end up joining the Legionnaires (possibly, at least in part, because they had better stuff to nick… *cough*)

25: Vampire, Werewolf or Vigilant of Stendarr?
I was almost tempted by Vampire but I went Vigilant in the end.  I’ve never played a vampire in the single player games (in fact I lost hours in Oblivion either trying to get cured or reloading…)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rakuno says:

    I think part of the followers’ contract in Skyrim is to set off every trap they come across. There is no other explanation for them to do that. 🙂

    I’ve been kicked to space by giants like that a few times. Always amusing. 🙂

    Out of curiosity, why don’t you like playing vampires in the Elder Scrolls games?

    1. eldaeriel says:

      It has just never appealed, I like the vampire mythology but never been mad into it so it’s not a thing for me plus I seem to remember some restrictions in previous games so that just crossed it off the list for me 🙂

      1. Rakuno says:


        Personally, I like the idea since in a lot of games you only have vampires and werewolves as enemies but they never let you play as one. So when an opportunity appears I like to give it a try. But yeah, the restrictions on previous games were annoying! It is not so bad in Skyrim but it doesn’t feel all that interesting without mods either.

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