MMO screenshots: night sky

EQ2eq2 night sky

The moons over the Commonlands, Drinal and Luclin. Luclin is quite interesting and I love the sparkly trail of devastation (it exploded).

Lotrolotro night

Lotro has to have the most beautiful cloud and sky system in an MMO.  It is utterly gorgeous, most of my screenshots are of Middle Earth’s skies…  The shot above is of Nen Hithoel and you can see the back of the Argonath in the centre.  I know it’s a dark shot, but its honestly worth enlarging 🙂

ESOeso night sky

I liked the mistiness of this shot, with the ray from the lighthouse creating silhouettes.  Stros M’Kai is a very pretty zone and I really enjoy running round here.

GW2gw2 night sky

I can’t actually remember where this is /hides.  I think it is the Bloodtide Coast.  I specifically stopped to take this shot because I thought the darkening skies were so pretty.

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