#skyrim challenge (6)

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26: Favourite Armour set2015-11-24_00002

this one (from this armour mod) or the Nightingale set (of course!).

27: One thing you would change about Skyrim
I think probably nothing… but I do wish sometimes that the story would be tighter or the characters more involved but I think that to achieve that the factors I do love about the game (see below) would have to go as I don’t think you can have a tight storyline with complete freedom.  So maybe more interaction with npcs perhaps.

28: Who did you marry?skyrim brynjolf
I married Brynjolf (thanks friendly brynjolf mod!)  First playthrough I was sort of disappointed with npcs on offer so I didn’t bother, then I found this mod 🙂

29: Favourite Daedra
skyrim nocturnal
Hmm probably Nocturnal if I had to choose.  Her deal is quite fair for a daedra (obviously luck whilst alive, and you serve as a Guardian of the Twilight of Sepulchre in both life and death).  I do tend to stay away from the dealings of daedra unless it’s unavoidable.

30:  What do you love most about Skyrim?
the freedom, the replayability, the lore, the discovery and exploration, sneaking and thieving…  I like that no two playthroughs are the same, even if I do always play the same type of character and do the same quest chains 🙂

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