#dragonage challenge (1)

So this is a similar deal to the Skyrim challenge, I will answer the 30 day challenge 5 questions at a time, weekly.  The original post is here.

Favourite Game
Hmm, this is a difficult one.  I loved Origins because of all the origin stories, the storyline and the companions.  I also like the combat (especially at higher difficulty levels).  DA2 is probably my least favourite, mainly because Hawke didn’t feel like ‘my character’ but I really enjoyed the storyline and the companions are fantastic.  DA: Inquisition I absolutely loved and although the tension of the main story felt a little bit lost, I really enjoyed the open world aspect to the game.  As per usual, the companions were brilliant.  So I guess, today, I might order them: Inquisition, Origins (gnat’s whisker between them) and 2.

Favourite character
ugh really?!  I can’t stick with just one obviously….  Oghren in Origins (and Awakening) was just hilarious, Wynne was also lovely (and the party interactions between those two were fantastic!)  I liked them all really.  For DA2, oh i can’t choose.  honestly.  Varric and Isabella. But then there’s Aveline – she was just wonderful. Inquisition – uh…  I liked all the companions… surprise 😛  I guess, Varric and Dorian… oh and Cassandra…

Maybe Flemeth…

The amazing Flemeth, in dragon form.


Least favourite character
I’ve been assuming that character means companion because I have no idea how you can even begin to narrow it down to answer otherwise.  So I’ll continue with that.  I think I’d go with Sten from Origins.  I found it really difficult to talk and relate to him.

Favourite love interest
I’ve given this some thought…  Zevran.  I can imagine this relationship being a lot of fun.  Zevran is seen as quite shallow and maybe a bit too free with his romantic affairs I think, but once you follow his storyline through, it’s actually quite storybook romantic. I also prefer it to Cullen’s as although that is an amazing storyline, I think with Cullen you’re set for a very traditional lifestyle after (marriage, kids, careers) and with Zevran there’s this feeling that your Warden and he could be doing absolutely anything.

suz and zev.jpg
I was going to find a better pic but honestly I love this pic of my Warden and Zev – scouts FTW! 😉


Least Favourite love interest
It’s probably the DA2 romances or Alistair’s from Origins.  DA2 romances because basically the whole storyline is Hawke’s life going from bad to worse then worse again and the romances fit in with that.  They’re not unhappy but there are forced separations and betrayals and disappearances and why the fuck did you do that’s.  Alistair’s romance because you have absolutely no idea that if you set him on the path to Kingship and you’re an elf – he’s going to dump you.  pfft 😉

First playthrough: yep dump me and I will sacrifice myself in a melodramatic manner



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