MMO screenshots: ruins

EQ2 Vasty Deep

You can just see my assassin on the left there, this dungeon (Vasty Deep: Vestigial Cella) was part of the epic conversion questline and I remember this being quite a fight at the time.

lotro eregion

Elven ruin in Eregion with a bonus night time rainbow!  There are ruins and abandoned buildings almost everywhere in Middle Earth – this game has so many details which really makes the place feel as though it has history.


grahtwood panorama

I have been trying to use unused screenshots but I love this image so much (my current header).  This is an Ayleid ruin (ancient elf) and the light is coming from scattered Welkynd Stones.


not exactly a ruin, but parts of it are neglected and it has been hidden for a long time so I think it counts.  This is Tarir, the Forgotten City in the Auric Basin.  The light here is so lovely.


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  1. Rakuno says:

    Ah, Vestigial Cella! That place traumatized me and gave me a headache for such a long time. Now it is just another dungeon to rampage through. How the times change!

    NIce screenshots. 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I know!! Honestly that dungeon made me swear at times! I haven’t yet gone back and rampaged through that particular dungeon, but it is so much fun going back and getting revenge during the next expansion!!

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