#swtor: maybe this time?

I’m sort of blaming Arin for this one (this is only fair as I dragged her into GW2 😉 ) but anyway, I copied her and started playing SWToR again.  This is possibly the 3rd or 4th attempt now.  I don’t want to play this as a MMO as I have enough of those on my plate already!  I do enjoy grouping with Arin and doing the heroic planetary quests though.  The main reasons I want to play though is because a) it’s Bioware and b) it’s Star Wars. I haven’t yet played a Bioware game I haven’t liked and given how much I actually love thier games, it seems silly to not play through the main story.

So I’ve subbed for two months and my aim is to get my Jedi Shadow and my Smuggler Gunslinger through their respective stories and to level 50.  Along the way, I would like to decorate my Nar Shaddaa stronghold and maybe dye an outfit (so much brown!)

Question for any SWToR playing readers – while you’re levelling, are there any flashpoints, missions or similar sort of stuff that you can solo or duo?  We went into a flashpoint, duo and at level 15 it was a complete disaster 😛  quite desperately and funnily so 😉  Any advice would be really welcome!

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  1. Shintar says:

    A lot of flashpoints have a solo mode these days, which provides you with a super powerful droid companion that tanks, heals and dps…es all in one, but you can still go in with more than one person if you like. The following Republic FPs have this feature (in chronological order):

    The Esseles
    Taral V
    Maelstrom Prison
    Directive 7
    The Battle of Ilum
    The False Emperor
    Korriban Incursion
    Assault on Tython
    Depths of Manaan
    Legacy of the Rakata
    Blood Hunt
    Battle of Rishi

    1. eldaeriel says:

      oh ok – will give those a go, thanks very much for the information 🙂

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