MMO Screenshots: shipwrecks

There always seems to be a shipwreck somewhere, but then that’s true of our own seas if you go deep enough.

Ok apologies, I don’t seem to have a screenshot of an actual shipwreck… so instead here’s Dimzad’s ratonga and my high elf nearly re-enacting the titanic scene…

eq2 titanic

I really love this shot and I’m still proud that Clover featured it in the Free Peoples’ Press 🙂

ScreenShot00050 (2).jpg

I like this because it’s a ghost ship and you don’t see many of those…  You can see the remains of the ship as well and this area houses a low level world boss (a ghost sea captain ofc!)


One of the things I do love about GW2, is that you will be swimming along and suddenly notice a cave entrance that you *have* to explore, you are then rewarded with a vista like this.  gorgeous. gw457.jpg

NB. this is the last of my #blaugust2016 posts, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, I’ve stuck to my tues/weds/fri posting schedule and intend to carry on.  Grats to all those who made it through the month!

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  1. Rakuno says:

    Those are some beautiful screenshots! 🙂

    Seeing that ghost ship screenshot makes me wonder why there aren’t more ghost ships in games. I mean, as far as tropes go it isn’t any worse than the other gazillion tropes we have in fantasy games already.

    And is it bad that in that screenshot of the nearly re-enacment of the Titanic movie I thought that the ratonga would take the role of Kate Winslet and your High Elf would take the role of Leonardo DiCaprio? 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thanks 🙂 totally, we need more ghost ships! it’s why I included it as I think it is the only ghost ship I’ve come across so far 🙂

      and hahaha, yeah the ratonga is definitely Kate!!

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