#ESO delves

I spent last night trying to finish the main questline of Wrothgar, helping out a King who is trying to modernise his people and meeting some resistance and foul play.  The (solo) dungeon I was in was a Dwemer ruin and these are my second favourite ES dungeons (the first being  Ayleid ruins – love the traps!).  I love though how this game can still surprise me, because when I found the mechanism for controlling the mechanical gyros and dynamos, I wasn’t expecting this:ESO dwemer

In fact, I was so impressed, it inspired my theme for next week’s MMO screenshots, so watch out for that 🙂  I carried on for a bit and ended up rescuing a Chief who seems to be wrongly accused (and probably set up, but by who?) of organising attacks on the King.  All the while, I was chatting away in guild and it looks as though (finally) proper dungeons are on the table again 😀

ESO Customer Service also gave me leadership of our small little guild (very quickly as well too!) so we can finally have a tabard 🙂  Hopefully this means we can also claim a guild house, just keeping my fingers crossed we won’t be too small…  and finally, I just love the graphics of ESO, they are just so clear and the lighting is gorgeous.

ESO dwemer 2

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