#dragonage challenge (3)

11: Favourite song from the soundtracks
I love the tavern songs in DA: Inquisition, this was one of my favourites

12: OTP
hmm I never really worry or think about OTPs that much, I quite like the fact that there are many different alternate realities for the games I play, including different versions of my own games.  However, to try to answer the question, I would say my Dalish Rogue Warden and Zevran.

13: Mages or Templars?
On the surface this is an easy question, Mages.  Although they are the ones with great personal power, it is heavily policed with many personal freedoms  removed (at best)  But… Bioware have a habit of a slow reveal of information which leads to assumptions which are then turned on their heads or at least cause you to revise your opinions.  So who knows 🙂  I do like this aspect, this feeling of digging deeper into the lore.

14: Character you wish was a romance option
I don’t personally wish this, but I think it’s high time there was a dwarven love interest.  Harding would be a great choice for the next game but I can’t think of a male dwarf…  not Varric though, for me that would just be wrong.

15: Your favourite “bro”
Being English, this is slightly strange to try to answer.  So I’ve answered it more in the spirit of which male character I like best as a friend, I think the answer might be Varric.  I like him because he’s laidback and funny but beyond that I felt that he and Hawke had a really good mutual friendship with both of them being loyal and supportive.


I was going to answer with my best female friend as well but I’ve noticed that there’s a best friend question (19) so I’ll include that there.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rakuno says:

    I really need to play Dragon Age: Inquisition one of these days. Some pretty good music there!

    Varric would definitely be my favorite “bro” too. At least until Dragon Age 2 he seems to be the most well adjusted companion. While everybody has… issues, I guess, is the best term I can come with. That or they are very morally flexible, like Zevran. :p

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I really enjoyed DA Inquisition, it does a lot of things very well and a couple of things not so well (so fits well with the other games!), I loved the characters in this game – they are as excellent as ever – which is my main reason for playing Bioware games.

      Yeah… issues 🙂 I hope Varric doesn’t turn out to be hiding a terrible secret, I’m not sure I could cope 😉

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