MMO Screenshots: technomagic

Although most of the MMOs I play are firmly within the standard Fantasy fare, there is a tendency to introduce at least some aspect of technomagic or some steampunk inspired contraptions.  It tends to be the dwarven or goblin races which introduce these elements but other races also contribute (e.g. erudites and asura)

This is in the Erudin Research Halls instance, a very fun one to do even if was a bit of a slog at the time.  Here you have to move mirrors to disrupt the laser beams and to provide a safe path through.

Lotro techno

This is slightly cheaty as it’s not magical as such (although I suspect this lighting system isn’t actually feasible on the scale that is used, so perhaps some dwarven magic is used?), as the dwarven lighting system in Moria involved beams of natural lights being directed and reflected.  Pictorially, it fits perfectly I feel but is there a better example?

ESO technomagic

This is the Orrery of Elden Root, part of the main quest chain for Grahtwood.  It has a two pillars to activate and a spinning orb.  Upon activation Queen Ayrenn steps into the light and receives a vision.  It’s just amazingly beautiful.

GW2GW2 orrery
This is a more traditional Orrery in the sense that it depicts Tyria’s solar system.  It is absolutely amazing to watch – it rotates, the planets spin on their respective trajectories.  Absolutely glorious.


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