#dragonage challenge (4)

16: Your ultimate team for all games
To be honest, in terms of skills they’re all pretty interchangeable.  In terms of personality, I have too many favourites to choose just 4.  It also depends on my mood.  So the short answer is that I don’t have one.  If I wrote a longer answer, it would just amount to the same thing 😉

17: Your favourite origin story
I will admit to not having played through the dwarven origin stories.  I ended up liking the Dalish story the best, mainly because you start in the open world, run through a dungeon and end up back out in the world again.  The other two felt a bit more claustrophobic I suppose, though I did enjoy both of them.

Dragon Age (far right)

18: Character you’re most like
None of them?  a less heroic / noble version of my Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor?  Out of all of them, I think I identify with Isabela the most – well specifically, her independence and general not giving a fuck about what others think.  Don’t share the rest of her characteristics though or her outfit (sadly).

19: Character who’d be your best friend
I answered for male best friends in my last post, so female best friends.  I think I’d get along very well with Morrigan, Wynne, Aveline, Isabela and Cassandra.  I don’t they’d all get along though.  A proper girls’  night out down The Hanged Man would probably end in disaster.

20: Character you wouldn’t get along with
ah Sten.  Always recruited reluctantly, once left in a cage and always ignored at the camp.  I think it might boil down to the simple fact that he’s quite grumpy.

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