MMO Screenshots: dragons

EQ2 has plenty of dragons I could have chosen, but one of my favourite screenshots is this ghost dragon in the Field of Bone.


For lore reasons, there are not really many dragons in Middle Earth.  The developers did find a way to write a couple in though.  This is the dragon in Helegrod who has been resurrected – zombie dragon :O

lotro helegrod

and for lore reasons, there are no dragons in this particular time period of Tamriel at all.  So I’ll have to cheat…  This is a daedric titan, one of the bosses in Vaults of Madness.  Well, he has wings at least!

ESO titan

This is Jormag, one of the world bosses and a very fun fight.  I got this screenshot by purposely getting trapped (honest guv!)
gw2 jormag

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