#dragonage challenge (5)

21: Favourite villain
this is a toughie…  Arl Howe was really good, possibly because he was voiced by Tim Curry.  He seemed like a proper old-school film villain.  So there’s him, but…  I also really liked Meredith.  She was great to hate, totally convinced she was on a just and holy path and it also turned out she was corrupted by red lyrium.  Her back story is quite sad really, I do like that the main villains are shades of grey or even apparently on the side of right.  She was just badass and the final fight with her and her Jason and the Argonaut style minions was just amazingly fun.  Honourable mentions to The Architect and Coryphyfish.

22: Favourite NPC
Possibly Dagna.  I remembered her from DA: Origins and thought she was nice and I was really chuffed to see her turn up in Inquisition.  I like her because she’s intelligent and quirky.  Oh and cheerful 😛

23: Scene you wish you could change the outcome of the most
I wish I could have saved Riordan somehow, I wish Orsino hadn’t gone completely (and bafflingly) crazy and turned into an abomination, I wish I could side with the mages but also save the good Templars and, finally but not necessarily completely, I wish I could save Ser Stache Stroud

24: Most shocking scene
I think when Duncan dies, I was completely shocked that the person I thought would be my mentor dies so early in the game.  I loved that whole cutscene, it was quite powerful on its first viewing.

DAO Duncan

25: Scene that made you cry
I may have had something in my eye fighting the Wardens at Adamant. After having played my Warden through Origins, I felt quite attached to the Warden order so seeing them make such a stupid decision to the point of killing their own soldiers and then fighting my Inquisition.  It just felt SO wrong…

DAI adamant
to ease the sadness, here’s a shot of Cullen at Adamant 😉

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rakuno says:

    I liked Meridith as a villain too. Until at the end when it was revealed that she was being corrupted by the red lyrium. At that point it felt to me that all her extremist decisions were due to the corruption instead of her beliefs, making them feel hollow. So that was a disappointment.

    Because of that, for me, Loghain still remain the best villains in the series. 🙂

    Is Dagna that dwarf who wants to go the chantry to study magic? I loved her too, she had quite a good perspective about the subject and her cheerful personality was nice considering everything else that was going in Dwarf-lands (forgot the name of the place!)

    The death of Duncan and the King so early in the game was pretty shocking for me too. I was certain this would be another fantasy trope where they end up winning the battle only to realize the evil threat is bigger than they imagined and is somewhere else. Or something else. It was a good type of shock and surprise though. Made things interesting. 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      meredith – yes I can see that. I think that it exacerbated events to build up and explode rather then being the cause – that in Meredith’s case it was a catalyst and an amplifier. I also think that the DA2 story was rather rushed and we had a few WTF moments as a result 😉 and yes Loghain was good too (too many good villains!!)

      yes Dagna is that dwarf – I loved that you found out what happened to her and that she remembered your warden’s help (if you did so).

      I’m still awwwwww noooooooo Duncan 😦 hahaha – it’s good that it made a lasting impression I guess 🙂

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