MMO Screenshots: Volcanic Regions

I was a bit stuck this week for a theme until I read Bhagpuss’ post, and thought yes! volcanoes in every MMO!  so thank you 😉

Ah Lavastorm, I have fond and not so fond memories of this zone.  The lava used to be insta-death and so made travelling around quite scary, especially when having to fight on narrow bridges.  You can now survive lava, which I guess makes sense if you consider your armour is enchanted.

EQ2 lavastorm

There’s obviously an exception to the rule, and there are no volcanic zones in Middle Earth.  We will get to see a volcano when we reach Mount Doom, but we’re not there yet.  However, the dwarves obviously mined deep (too deep!) in Moria and they used the underground lava flows to power their forges.  So I have a shot of that 🙂


The Dark Elf area is very volcanic and the contrasts and lighting are gorgeous.  I took this panorama of an active volcano in Stonefalls.

eso pan 3
ESO: Stonefalls

This is the boss fight in Citadel of Flame, in the volcanic region of Fireheart Rise.  It’s quite a fun fight as you need to hit him whilst dodging rolling spheres of liquid hot magma (doubt that is the technical term but I couldn’t resist quoting Dr Evil).  It also serves as a warning to fellow group members that, on occasion, I can be found running around taking screenshots with the UI off 😉

GW2 lava

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