#dragonage challenge (6)


Day 26: Crack otp
Haven’t considered this at all, so off the top of my head I guess Orsino and Meredith getting it on would be fairly crazy.

Day 27: Best part of the games
The characters.  The slow uncovering of the lore.  The artwork – especially the narrative cut scenes for Dragon Age 2 and the tarot card art for Inquisition.


Day 28: Worst part of the games
Hmm.  I disliked Origins for being so on rails, but this did allow for the story to be really good.  I disliked 2 for the lack of variety in areas and that Hawke never really felt like my character but I really enjoyed the story.  Inquisition… I disliked that the main story felt less important, at times somehow but I really, really enjoyed the open world.  I think a tight, suspenseful story is diametrically opposed to an open world, so on balance although I enjoy both, I think I prefer the open world style.

Day 29: If you made a deal with a demon, what would it be?
I just wouldn’t.  I’ve read far too many fairy tales and fantasy novels to be fooled into doing that.  I hope anyway 😉

Day 30: Hopes for Dragon Age 4
That Bioware doesn’t break our hearts?  I have a feeling that we are going to learn more disturbing history and information about people / groups of people we previously thought were ‘nice’ or at least neutral.  I’m hoping they leave the Solas situation to simmer for the next game and that we might see Tevinter or the Anderfels or wardens on flying griffons…  I want my own flying griffon…


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  1. coppertopper says:

    Really enjoying this. Was so excited about the first DA but never really gave it a chance after reading a few things about the gameplay that sounded bad (gear never really upgrade! The horrors!!). Bought DA2 and after running into the same cave 3x was ready to slash tires for charging $60 for the game. Then Inquisition came along and totally redeemed the series. Played the multiplayer for over 100hrs before even starting the actual campaign, then really enjoyed that. Thought the combat was always interesting and constant gear upgrades made it always refreshing. Still need to buy that very last DLC.
    Anyways enjoying reading your take on Inquisition.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thanks very much – glad you’re enjoying it 🙂 It’s the last DA one though 😦

      I’d give DA:Origins another chance perhaps. You do get upgrades for gear as far as I remember (and for all your companions!) and the companions and story are worth it, in my opinion, even with the now slightly outdated gameplay (though I enjoy that too ;)).

      it’s worth thinking about playing through 2 for the sole reason that gives the whole background for the events of Inquisition (plus one of the DLCs) and the companions are fab. although the friendship/rivalry system has it’s own annoyances. I guess it depends on how much you feel like you are missing out storywise 🙂 It took me quite a while to be able to enjoy and appreciate 2 and even now yeah… some aspects still grate 🙂

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