#lotro 30 day challenge

Original questions.

Pick a screenshot, any screenshot
argh! really?!  Lotro has to have the largest screenshot folder out of all my games.  OK, I’ve chosen this one because I was recently thinking about how well Lotro does forests.  I think possibly the best I’ve seen, they are so wonderfully done.

lotro fangorn
My Lore-master and her Bear in Fangorn Forest

Which of your characters is your absolute favourite?
In terms of skills and playstyle, I probably prefer my LM but in terms of character and origin, my Hunter.


Favourite quest pack or expansion so far?
I loved Mirkwood simply for being my Hunter’s origin.  To be honest I’ve enjoyed all the areas though, for the story and simply to be able to wander round Middle-Earth.


Why did you start playing Lotro?
Things had very much quietened down in EQ2 so I was looking around for something else.  I’d tried Lotro when it was first released (being a fan of the IP) but at the time I was having too much fun in EQ2 to consider another MMO so I decided to give Lotro a proper go and I’m very glad I did 🙂

Favourite NPC
I’m not sure, there have been a number of npcs I’m quite fond of.  The rangers do stand out perhaps.  Rescuing Lothrandir, the funeral in Evendim and being absolutely furious at not being able to stop Candaith during the Epic Story in Enedwaith.  Still I suppose at least you can go back and visit him in the Lone-lands or reminisce with his statue in your house…


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