#lotro challenge (2)

6. Go on, give us another screenshot
A shot from within the Paths of the Dead – super creepy and atmospheric.


7. Best music in the game?
Oh this is quite hard to choose – I do love the music in Rivendell and I was wandering through Rohan today (actually I wasn’t wandering at all, I was dodging purple mobs on my lvl 72 char trying to get some scholar mats :P) and was really enjoying listening to that (whilst dodging the mounted npcs who have a horrendous pathing pattern).  Moria is also gorgeous for music.  OK, most of it?! 😉

8. Role play or Monster play?
um neither.  Role play intrigues me but I’ve never been brave enough to give it a try and monster play isn’t my thing at all.  The only MMO I’ve pvped in has been ESO and that’s because it’s my most natural play style I suppose.

9. What’s your favourite Freep class?
Loremaster as I like the support role plus it isn’t a nightmare to solo like most other support classes (in other games).  I’d like to have time to properly try out the Minstrel, as I’ve always quite liked Bard type classes.

10. Show off your best cosmetic outfits
I rather like these two, there are others but I like the way I put these images together (they were originally posted on my old blog).


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