#ESO One Tamriel: A game changer

The One Tamriel update has now been out on PC for a few days now and it has made a significant impact on how the game feels to play.  I’m just going to write a list of the main points that I feel are really beneficial and some links as a reference for my future alts (and anyone else who might find it handy).  This article here gives a very good brief overview of the main changes, the new Festival (13th Oct to 1st Nov) and some info about housing.

  • No PVE alliance restrictions.  The world seems much more alive and vibrant and it also means that you no longer *have* to choose alliance over race preference to be able to play with your friends.  NB.  the alliance restrictions still count for PVP in Cyrodiil.
  • No level restrictions – people of all levels and champion points can play together, overland and in dungeons.  You get loot drops designed for your character’s level everywhere.  You will not out-level quests or mobs now.
  • Open World – the main questlines still exist (see below) but you can go to any zone in any order you like (don’t forget you can port to guild/group friends for free, which is a handy way to open up wayshrines across the world)
  • Dailies – in addition to the existing daily crafting writs, group pledges and the DLC dailies (Orsinium, Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood), they have added daily Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted quests which also help to level up those skill lines.
  • Level up by playing how you like.  Pretty much everything gives xp, so you can level by killing mobs, thieving, assassinating, doing dungeons, delves, world bosses, dolmens, pvp, dailies and obviously questing. (if you’re wanting xp, obviously some methods are far more efficient than others)
  • Craglorn re-designed.  Previously a group area, the main questline can now be done solo with the remainder duoed or completed with a handy zerg.
  • Full patch notes can be found here, grab a cup of tea to read 😉

With an open world, the quests could potentially be slightly confusing plus there are some which give skill points (always handy).

I recommend doing the following quests (for skill points and story!)

  • Main questline (starts with the Prophet in the starting area, for new players will update as you level to 50)
  • Fighters Guild and Mages Guild questlines (starts once you join each guild and again, if you are under level 50, will update as you gain levels)
  • Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and Orsinium DLC quests and activities are all very fun.  If you are new, I would recommend waiting and seeing how you get on with the game before buying.  However, if the thief and/or assassin playstyle is something you love, buy it as soon as you can 😉  Also the Orsinium DLC is generally perceived as being one of the best areas for playing…

For the overland zones in each alliance, if you follow the Cadwell’s almanac guide for each zone (doing the quests listed in order by zone), you will scoop up all the quests in each zone with skill points and it will give each alliance’s story some cohesion.  It can be done out of order of course.

There are also tons of side quests, an excellent crafting system, books to read, things to steal, gear sets to hunt (solo and group), RP, emotes, market to play…   I’m logging in each day, wondering what to do first 🙂

I am quietly hopeful that finally, another MMO might have a housing system to rival EQ2’s. It seems good so far, with being able to own multiple, racially styled, instanced housing which cost in game gold (first one is free with a quest completion) and furniture crafting being implemented.  Now if they include mannequins to display armour and use their phasing tech to show off your achievements (like the museum in Orsinium) and possibly phased bookshelves to show the books you’ve read… I’ll be in housing heaven 😉

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  1. Ahiya says:

    Sounds like ESO has adopted a lot of the features that make GW2 fun for me! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for a sale now.

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