29 Ivarstead

The rest of the journey to Ivarstead went without incident.  I ended up telling Lester how I came to be in Skyrim, of the disaster that was Auridon and he did look quite horrified when he realised what he’d done involving a Thalmor in the hunt for me. We’ve also been discussing the dragon situation.  It seems that the dragons are becoming more widespread and more of a problem.   I’m starting to… like life here, at least a bit.  Maybe just the south and the pretty forests surrounding Riften.  I don’t want it burned down, I want somewhere to enjoy the riches I keep stumbling upon… I mentioned that I’m fairly sure the leaders of Skyrim and the Greybeards will want a Nord as Dragonborn, Lester did admit that a Bosmer being named would be highly unusual.

We also solved a mystery for the people of Ivarstead. They were convinced that it was haunted and the place is gaining quite a reputation.  It’s actually really funny – I wish I’d thought of this!  Anyway, some wizard was encouraging this rumour by faking the hauntings to hide his presence there.   He drove himself mad looking for the sapphire claw to open the rest of the barrow.  Ironically, the barkeeper gave it to us as a reward for solving the mystery…  more treasure!

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