my 2016 in games


well, I’ve managed to keep it going although some months were very quiet.  For the time I managed it, I did enjoy the tues/wed/fri regular posting so I may try that for next year.  Like, really try… maybe…

single player games:

20161116092912_1 screenshot00000

I finally played through the Mass Effect series – well, I’m halfway through 3 but I think that counts.  Really enjoying it.  I have to say I think ME:2 was the one I’ve enjoyed most so far, but I’m looking forward to the Citadel DLC in 3.

I did start another DAI game, with the aim of a “perfect play through” but I haven’t finished that (of course).   I did avoid Skyrim throughout the year to build anticipation for the special edition launch.  I’m partway through that, taking a break over Xmas and will continue with both the game and the write up of my play through.


gw414So I started the year in gw2 but as our normal group activity declined, so did my interest.  I was incredibly disappointed with the implementation of crafting for the guild halls, (far too much of a grind/gold sink) something which may have pulled me through quiet times. Although the world is very pretty and a lot of the PVE is very fun, there’s not much in the way of ‘sticky’ secondary systems that I can remember.  Although my main focus with MMOs is group activities, I like to have things I can work on solo to benefit my character.   I may pop back at some point as it would be very fun to go back and group up with the GGGs though 🙂

2016-04-29_201958526I enjoyed BDO for the few months I played, I did always know it would be an short mmo holiday for me.  It almost has the opposite problem to GW2, amazing secondary systems but boring pve…  It’s definitely worth checking out though as some of the systems and the world building are outstanding.

I have made some progress on one of the stories in SWToR finally, although still not all the way through the first character story.  I imagine I will pick this back up later in the year for a month or two.

screenshot00233Lotro, I’ve now caught up on the epic story for my LM.  I’ve really enjoyed exploring the new areas, they are absolutely stunning.  Honestly, even though the graphics are ageing, it’s one of the most beautiful and immersive virtual worlds around.  I’ve just been happy exploring, taking in the view and listening to the soundtrack…

I had occasional bouts in Landmark.  It’s very much a niche game and it’s nice to know it’s there, when I’m in the mood for building.

screenshot_20160923_125449The big MMO for me this year has been ESO.  The game is going from strength to strength – in fact, I’ve heard it’s the only MMO which is steadily increasing its playerbase – how true that is I don’t know but what I do know is that in game, it is thriving.  There are tons of things to do (solo and group) and although most of the pve content is now super easy, there is challenging content if you want it.

I now have a stamblade, a magplar, a magsorc, a stamsorc and stamknight at max level with an up and coming magblade.  My stamblade is my main and I’m now sitting at around 410 CPs, they come in at a steady rate and I’m in no rush to get to cap.  I’m mostly working on achievements on my main though.  They are quite varied and involve pve, crafting, pvp and dungeons.  I’m working on achievements because it seems like some housing decorations will be tied to them!  I still like the stamblade’s playstyle the best but a close (and tied) second are the stamsorc and the magblade…






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  1. Rakuno says:

    That is a pretty eclectic mixture of games. 🙂

    You will probably like the Citadel DLC. It is very funny and probably the best DLC for the game.

    I finally started Inquisition last year but stopped during the second DLC, the one about the Deep Roads. Pretty good game. But all those collectables are annoying! <— is not a fan of collectables in games

    I don't think ESO is the only one that has been having a stead growth either… Mostly because Final Fantasy XIV feels very busy and when I restarted on it late last year I still had to wait to be able to create a character on the same server my friends play in. Regardless of that, it is good that ESO is thriving.

    Hope you have a great year in 2017! 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Happy New Year and hope it’s a good one for you too 🙂

      I enjoyed the Deep Roads DLC but it is quite a slog… the final DLC is very much worth playing through as it builds on the surprise at the end of the main game (trying not to spoil it, in case you haven’t finished the main game!) and drops some hints about possible future storylines…

      I suppose the games are eclectic 😀 quite fantasy RPG based though (even the more sci fi oriented ones!) but yes, thinking about it, definitely different in terms of mechanics and systems… hmm, possible blog post I suppose 😉

  2. Rakuno says:

    The Deep Roads DLC has been fine so far. I like the two dwarves they introduced there and the Deep Roads look pretty cool in Inquisition. I heard something like that about the last DLC but I haven’t finished the ,main storyline yet. I *think* I was getting close to it but then decided to do the first two DLCs, got some Dragon Age: Inquisition fatigue and decided to go play something else. I will go back to it and finish the game though. 🙂

    And I wouldn’t mind a blog post comparing these games in terms of their mechanical differences. Or anything else you might feel like writing. 🙂

  3. Jaedia says:

    Considering it’s available on consoles as well as PC and continues to put out content at a regular pace without overloading players, that would not surprise me with ESO. 🙂

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