#eso housing!

The housing system has just gone live on the test server and at first glance, they have done a fantastic job!  It’s almost everything I wanted – free placement, player crafted furniture, achievement furniture items, books – just lacking storage and mannequins really.  These are possible in the future as it is a system that will grow alongside the main game.   There are some niggles but as this is the first iteration on test, this isn’t the place to discuss those.

Deltia has put together a preview of all the houses, grouped by type and includes the cost.   I can’t afford the largest homes but I think I can afford the ones I want to buy and I have one or two on a wishlist.  I need to rein my enthusiasm in as well as it’s better to have things to work toward and an ongoing project really.

Anyway, these are my favourite houses:

First purchase is likely to be Snugpod, Elden Root (45,000 gold).  This is an inside only house but it is very close to the Elden Root wayshrine and the Undaunted enclave.


Bouldertree Refuge, Greenshade (190,000 gold).  I’ll probably get this quite quickly, this would be my main character’s home and has an outside and inside to decorate.  An alternative would be The Gorinir Estate in Grahtwood, this has a larger outside area and an extra pod but it also costs 780,000 gold.  If there are any aesthetic change to these houses I might reconsider.  I have put some random decorations in the pod below.


Hunding’s Palatial Hall, Stros M’Kai (1,295,000 gold).  This is one I’ll need to save up for.  I’d also like to have a fair amount of recipes and mats before I tackled decorating this house too.  I like this house mainly for the outside as it has a fantastic view (and sounds) of the ocean.  It also has a stable, a tower and some walkways.  It looks towards Hew’s Bane (and is in similar style) so when my thief finally pulls off that heist, it might be mine 😉


Autumn’s Gate, The Rift (60,000 gold).  I quite like this Nord style house, this is a house perhaps for the future.  Sorry for the picture, it was just past dawn and raining…

Quondam Indorilia, Deshaan (1,265,000 gold).  I’m not sure I’ll ever stump up the cash for this, but I do like this Dunmer style house.

The houses in Reaper’s March (Strident Springs (1,289,000 gold) and Serenity Falls (3,775,000 gold) are beautiful, especially the outside areas, again I’m unlikely to buy these, though perhaps in the future…  The two crown store only purchases are stunning – as they should be.  We don’t know the price of these yet.

Many of the achievement gated furniture items are locked behind things like, completion of the main quest for the zone, guild or exploration achievements.  I found an achievement vendor for Orsinium, the Shadowy Supplier will sell Dark Brotherhood themed items but I haven’t found anything yet for the Justice system or Thieves Guild (N.B. prices shown in screenshot are test server prices – it was noted in the patch notes that the pricing hasn’t been finalised yet).  I have had to use a template character so it’s been a little difficult testing out achievement related purchases…


I’m very much looking forward to this going live.  In preparation, I’d just suggest working on your zone / guild / etc achievements and saving your style materials (each furniture item can use 5-40 or so of them and if you’re decorating in one particular style, you could run out of them quite quickly.  I think you can buy them from the crafting vendors though…    Oh and saving your gold 😛

What houses are you interested in?



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  1. Jaedia says:

    I remain cautiously intrigued. I love a good housing system and I’m hopeful for ESO’s, but I’m also a little bit worried by the cash shop element. We shall see. ^^

    1. eldaeriel says:

      hey 🙂 So far I’m happy, with the exception of two cash shop only super-houses (and they are stunning!) everything is obtainable in game. Yes, you can buy normal houses (furnished) with crowns, but that’s your choice 🙂 I’m fine with what they have currently, even not knowing the crown pricing. Whether or not I spend crowns on housing will depend on how they price it – if it’s too high, I’ll be more patient and just get in game 😉 It’s going to take time to loot the recipes you want and gather a good stock of housing mats anyway 🙂

      I expect there will be more house exclusives and at some point there will be furniture exclusives too – but that’s the same for every housing system that I’ve seen so far (EQ2, Lotro and SWToR to name a few) – which, thinking about it, is probably why I’m expecting it 😛

  2. Xannziee says:

    Crown store houses are a good thing for casuals. I just hope they wont be too pricey…^^

    1. eldaeriel says:

      agree – I have a horrible feeling we’re going to be disappointed especially after the price of the Elk… oh well, we shall see…

      1. Xannziee says:

        Still, may be possible to afford the smaller ones. The island, maybee not 😓😢

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