9th blogoversary

Yeah… I had to double check that, but my first ever post was on 22 Jan 2009 /faint.  To be fair, that has included a fair few breaks and an extremely slack posting schedule.  I started off with the aim of describing my adventures and having somewhere to dump some screenshots.  The blog could be still be described as such I think, although I do dabble in more useful guides at times.

I started off at suzitastarshadow.wordpress.com in Jan 2009 and switched to starandshadow.wordpress.com in Feb 2013.  I needed a reboot, I think mentally more than anything, and desperately needed to sort out the style and organisation.

So I thought I’d just link to a fun post or two from each year:

2009:  It’s all Everquest 2 at the moment, although I did play some Dragon Age.  It’s reading posts like these that make me realise how much gaming and my blog has changed.  There was so much emphasis on having fun as a group, self made fun. Lots of silliness and I wrote it all down.  Part of me thinks hmm too much detail but it’s interesting reading it back (and embarrassing in part too)

2010:  EQ2 started to wind down for our group and I finally decided it was time to try lotro.

2011: I was mostly playing Lord of the Rings Online this year and we had fun riding into Rohan.  This post marks the beginning of just over 6 years worth of gushing about Skyrim.  Thought it was worth noting…

2012: Lotro again, this time a link to a post regarding Enedwaith.

2013:  I surprisingly made the switch to lore-master for main and it was a great decision.  I think it was a post by doc holliday (site has gone now) that really made me look twice at the class and give it a go.  I also wrote this post on why I thought housing is important.  I was also very proud of the Tale of the Red Maid comic adaptation I did.

2014:  I was getting excited for the release of Elder Scrolls Online, so I did some lorebite posts.

2015: I played a LOT of ESO and a LOT of Dragon Age Inquisition.  Probably some Skyrim too 😛  Think this was the year I started playing GW2 with the GGGs.

2016: I played a lot of GW2 but still dipped into ESO and Lotro.  So I started a MMO screenshot series, this is one of my favourites.

2017: I was playing ESO with some dips into Morrowind and Skyrim and also some lotro occasionally.   I really lost blogging momentum.   So much so in fact, that I thought I’d try micro blogging on G+ for a while.  It’s a good format for that, being able to organise your posts into collections, attach screenshots and as much or as little text as you like.

2018: G+ was fun but I missed having all my ‘stuff’ in one place, so I’m back to blogging here.  I’m still active on G+ though.

Will I make it to 10 years?!  I hope so 🙂

Finally, some of my favourite characters:
(lotro / eso / lotro – skyrim / gw2 / dai – vanguard / gw2 / eq2)

characters collage 736 ea

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats on 9 years! That’s a huge achievement!

  2. SunnyBunny says:

    Congrats, I know the feeling. I have had a lot of stop and go in regards to blogging. But keep it up

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    Grats! I’ll have to dig back into some of those EQ2 posts.

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