what to play

so just a summary of what I’m playing and what I might play in the near future.

MMOs (ESO & Lotro)

The grouping side of things has gone a little quiet and I’m quite liking that at the moment.  It’s mostly self imposed, I could find groups to run dungeons if I wanted but I just can’t really be bothered.

In ESO, now I’ve capped CP, I’m enjoying hunting down some solo achievements, questing on alts and expanding my house collection.  Oh and yes, I’m still enjoying thieving – no shocker there!

In Lotro, I’m occasionally doing the Mordor dailies on my LM and I’m battling through Udun with my under-geared rusty Hunter.  I got very excited about the upcoming at some point release of Mirkwood and I would be furious if my Mirkwood elf was gated because she was too level / hadn’t done Mordor…

I’m not sure I can get excited about any new MMOs on the horizon,  the main draw with both ESO and Lotro is my long term familiarity with their respective worlds (like over 20 years for Elder Scrolls and *mumbledy mumbledy* years for Lord of the Rings).  Never say never though

Single Players

I’m really having an urge to sink myself into a solo game.

Dragon Age is out for the moment as I’m hopeful there will be a Dragon Age 4 and so I will wait on replaying these until it’s worth getting excited.

Skyrim is also starting to feel appealing (as do Morrowind & Oblivion if I’m honest) but I’m not convinced that I actually want to play the game and I think I really just want to mess about with mods*.  So I’m putting that on hold for a bit too.  I’ve never finished either of the DLCs for Skyrim and I feel I ought to at some point (I only finished the main quest under (self imposed) duress…)

I would like to play Mass Effect: Andromeda and the Witcher 3 but I think I need a new PC (this one will play them but I’d probably have to have the graphics on average /sulky face) but Dimzad is currently playing the Witcher on our Xbox so perhaps I should just play it/them on there.  Thinking about it though, I think I bought the previous 2 Witcher games and then never actually played them*.  Perhaps that’s what I should try.

I’m currently playing through Craft the World (tower defence, house building, mining sort of game) and it’s satisfying the urge somewhat.  I might start a new game of Stardew Valley... maybe slightly modded *ahem*

*It doesn’t help that I had to switch PCs as mine had a power cable fault (was easiest solution) and so I’m missing downloads, Origin, mods, mod managers etc – and I’m not quite in the mood to get it all set up again.


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  1. You could play the Dragonborn DLC for the Morrowind nostalgia – best of both worlds

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Hadn’t thought of it that way…. Good idea, ty!

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