#lotro levelling path (dwarven)

[I’ve also written an elven path now]

My Dwarf champion is currently level 17 and I haven’t actually levelled up any characters since before the Rohan release (2012) as I have mostly concentrated on either my Lore-Master or my Hunter.

So, as I’m levelling this character to just experience the game again, I thought I’d try to choose a path which will take me smoothly through the levels but will also visit some of my favourite areas with a Dwarven connection.  I’ve looked at the Zones by level page on the wiki and I think I might try them in this order:

Levels 1 – 50:

lord of the rings online levelling path to 50

  • Ered Luin (1-15) [Dwarven starting area]
  • Nen Harn, Bree-land (15-21)
    • Ost Guruth, Lone-lands (to mop any remaining levels if needed)
  • North Downs (24-32)  [Othrikar]
  • Evendim (30-40) [one of the most beautiful zones in the game, although no dwarves that I remember :)]
  • Misty Mountains (40-45) [Dwarven area, Glóin!]
  • Forochel (45-50) [stunning zone, plus has a dwarven connection at Zigilgund]
    • alternate 45-50 could be Sarnúr, Ered Luin


Levels 51 – 75:

lord of the rings online levelling path 51-75

  • Moria (51-60) [required for legendary weapons, but well you can’t have a dwarven levelling path without this zone anyway!]
    • possible side trip to Lothlórien [following the footsteps of Gimli]
  • Enedwaith (61-65) [love the lore and mythology here, plus we meet Nár at Zudrugund]
  • Dunland (65-70) [not so excited about this, as I remember spending a lot of time here originally, so I may miss it if I can]
    • Great River (70-75) [I would prefer to quest here, probably starting the epic story if possible]

I’ll spend as much time in each zone as needed to gain levels but I will carry on with grey quests for as long as I enjoy it.  I’ll be ignoring deeds, aside from those relating to class or those which are easy to get, and also the epic story until Rohan. I may need to backtrack slightly for some quest chains but hopefully this path will be fairly smooth.

Level 75+:

Once (if!) I’m at Rohan, I’ll pick up the epic story there and follow  it through Rohan, Gondor, Anórien, Ithilien and possibly Mordor…   There is less choice here I feel, although you probably don’t need to do all side quests to level.   Having said that, arriving in Mordor over-levelled won’t hurt.

I do like Volume I and II of the epic story very much, however I personally feel quite familiar with it so I’m happy to miss it out this time round.

What path do you follow?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. manhiks says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t miss the dwarf part of Angmar, and I would probably do the prequel to Moria earlier.
    Sincerely, full tankard,
    Manhiks Lèvecoude

    1. eldaeriel says:

      ah I’d totally forgotten about Angmar! thanks, I may try / need to work it in 🙂

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