#eso outfit: Lightning Mage, High Elf

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I decided that my Altmer Lightning Mage wouldn’t be the subtle type when it came to outfits and so I came up with this.  I really like the mix of heavy and light armour, it feels right for a battle-mage.  I’m not convinced by the top, it might be a bit too much….  (Details below pic)

elder scrolls online lightning battlemage outfit, high elf

head: N/A
chest: Ra Gada Jerkin (L) 1,000g
legs: Redguard Breeches (L) 100g
shoulders: Ebonheart Epaulets (L) 500g
feet: Ebonshadow Sabatons (H) 1,000g
hands: Ebony Bracers (M) 1,000g
waist: N/A

Dyes:  All Lycanthrope Grey except for 1 Moonstone White on Jerkin.

Staff 1: Dro-M’athra Staff, 3,000g
Staff 2: Ancient Elf Staff, 750g

Dyes:  All Moonstone White.

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