#eso outfit: skyrim thieves guild… kinda

I loved the thieves guild leathers in Skyrim, they just looked right.  They looked practical and comfy too.

I’ve tried to recreate them in ESO but it’s pretty hard.  There isn’t a jacket with the same shape which is also leather, plus it needs the straps.  The closest jacket, in my opinion, has both the flap and the hip guards… which makes the shape not quite right… grr…  There are plain leather leggings but they are either skin tight (not right for this look) or dye super shiny (also not right!).

I also couldn’t get the dye the right colour.  I had to de-shine the metal bits with Coldharbour Ash Black, which looks fine but I can’t find a non-shiny mid brown.  One of the golds might work better.

(Skyrim left : ESO right)

elder scrolls online outfit, thieves guild skyrim

Head: Wood Elf Hat 1 (L), 100g
Chest: Mercenary Jack (M), 500g
Shoulders: Akaviri Arm Cops (M), 250g
Hands: Ra Gada Bracers (M), 500g
Waist: Daedric Sash (L), 125g
Legs: Redguard Greaves 4 (H), 100g
Feet: Skinchange Boots (M), 500g

Dyes: Graht Bark Brown, Colovian Deep Brown and Coldharbour Ash Black

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