#lotro minstrel outfit

hmm I think this is outfit posting week for me 😀

This is my High Elf Minstrel, she has been unplayed for a while as I have got distracted trying to get my Hunter through Mordor so she is ready for Mirkwood (her origin) and a certain new High Elf

Lord of the Rings Online, outfit for a High Elf Minstrel

Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (undyed)
Back: Symbelmyne Cloak (dyed turquoise)
Shoulders: Noriel’s Folly (dyed turquoise)
Upper body: Time-Worn Tunic and Waistcoat (dyed Sea blue)
Gloves: Ceremonial Voice of the West Gloves (dyed Sea blue)
Feet: Gardening Boots (dyed turquoise)

Horse: Steed of the Citadel



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