#eso outfit: sorcerer

This is quite similar to my outfit for my magicka sorc (in fact I have changed his to be more like this).  It’s quite expensive but I really love this style.

outfit for stamina sorcerer elder scrolls online


head: N/A
chest: Ebonshadow Jerkin (M) 2,000g
legs: Ebonshadow Breeches (M) 2,000g
shoulders: Ebonheart Pauldrons (H) 500g
feet: Ebonshadow Sabatons (H) 1,000g
hands: Ebony Gauntlets (H) 1,000g
waist: Ebonshadow Sash (L) 1,000g

Dyes: Cyrodilic Steel and Arcane Blue

Bow: Ebonshadow, 6,000g
Swords: Soul Shriven, 750g

Dyes: Cyrodilic Steel and Aetherial Blue


All outfits can be found under this tag, and recent outfits can be found here.

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