snow, wool, books & tv. some games.

I haven’t been gaming much this week, hence the lack of posts.  I have dabbled with questing my Captain through the Lone-lands in lotro, and gained a level on a baby alt in eso.

It’s been a freezing week here in the UK, and my diet now mostly consists of hot chocolate and crumpets.  I knitted myself a hat on Sunday evening in preparation which I am really pleased with.  It’s a slouchy beanie hat with a pom pom 😀

snow angel
 I believe that’s a whole 1cm of snow coverage!! 😉

As I live on the south coast and we normally have extremely mild weather (a frost is quite exciting in normal years), the couple of days of snow we currently have is a very fun change, especially for my 9 year old (it’s the first time he’s seen snow – there was a day or so of snow when he was 2 but that, apparently, doesn’t count).

We’re currently watching our way through Mad Men on Netflix, which we’re really enjoying.  We alternate between cheering on Peggy, doing pretend shocked faces when Don has yet another liaison and discuss whether Dimzad could get away with a couch in his office 😉

I’m currently reading Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds.  I’m really enjoying it, although I have  no idea how it’s all going to turn out.  That’s probably a good thing.  I hope I find out exactly what happened with the Amarantins, although I suspect I may not..  (Dimzad gave me a hint that not all is explained…)

I’m hoping to get a gaming post out tomorrow, we shall see.

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