#lotro hunter solo pve build (U23)

*updated Gear section for U23
** also Myndariel has collated links to current class guides and info

I’ve been looking for a solo build for my Hunter and haven’t found anything up to date that has all the information needed in one place. So, I’m collating the advice I’ve found and taken. I’m just playing solo content at the moment, so the build reflects that. If anyone can point me to a guide or has any tips or suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment.


Bow Legacies:

  • Hunter Damage over Time
  • Quick Shot Damage
  • Focus Bow Critical Multiplier
  • Ranged Skill Evade Chance
  • Focus Bow Power Cost and Damage
  • Induction Bow Damage
  • Induction Bow Power Cost

Sword Legacies:

  • Precision Stance Critical
  • Merciful Shot Cooldown
  • Agility
  • Stance: Precision Finesse
  • Barrage Damage
  • Power Restored by Intent Concentration
  • Bubble Potency


  • Westemnet Setting of Endings (or True Setting of the Three Hunters?)
  • True Gem of the Rising Moon
  • Westemnet Rune of Power (or True Rune of the White Mountains)
  • Westemnet Device of Potency

For relics: as I’m soloing, I’m not necessarily looking for best in slot (though if anyone knows, please let me know!) but generally a cheaper version which is along the right lines. I use same or similar relics on both bow and sword.

Title: Conflict of Eldar Days III (beleriand damage + physical mastery)


Skill points: This build seems most popular, with some minor variations according to personal play style out there. I’ve always liked precision stance and tend to stick with it even if it’s not the current

Virtues: Innocence, Honour, Charity, Tolerance and Determination*. Although there is some wiggle room in this depending on what you feel you need.


Mordor: Purple 112 Towers set (70 ash each) from High Enchanter, Elf Smith. If you’re sticking with Mordor gear for now, I found this thread hugely helpful (gear is last post iirc)

Strongholds of the North: the Eryn Lasgalen 115 agility set plus teal quest rewards.

Where Dragons Dwell: if you’re not regularly grouping, it gets trickier this update.  For solo players, the purple gear traded by the Dwarf-Holds Quartermaster for Marks of the Longbeards, mixed with teal gear from the Ember merchant seems like the best bet.  I’ve written some notes on gearing for this update.

Essences: Finesse to get to a reasonable level, plus crit / agility / physical mastery for other slots. I’ve used the numbers here as a target for stats up to do 115, see here for 120.  I’m currently using dropped/old essences but will upgrade with probably the purple essences from the Ember merchant.

I’m using a Tome of the Wind-Rider for reduced power costs. Off hand sword I’m using a purple quest reward (or the bartered version from the Quartermaster).


(N.B. My Hunter has benefited from my main LM character who can pass gear / currency on)

I really struggled when I first hit Mordor as my Hunter hadn’t been at cap since just before Rohan. I had managed to get some flower armour but had some awful jewellery from who knows where.

The first thing I did was max the dps rank of my imbued bow, this pretty much doubled the damage and started upgrading gear from quest rewards and drops in Udûn. I also did some levelling outside of Mordor by using Task, Festivals and the Wastes quests to get to 112, and so be able to wear the bartered lvl 112 purple gear. It’s now pretty easy and I just have to be careful with large groups, adds etc.

I did go to Eryn Lasgalen at level 112 and I will be leaving it till closer to 115! It is possible, one mob was fine, two was ok if I cc’d but if I was surprised I died very quickly.

Have I left anything out? Any tips?


*corrected as per comment 23/8/18

6 Comments Add yours

  1. John says:

    I can’t find a virtue “Dedication” anywhere is that possibly referring to “Determination”?

    1. eldaeriel says:

      huh… i can’t even think of anything to blame that on… yes, it should be determination. Thanks very much for pointing it out, post corrected 🙂

  2. Larry McCloskey says:

    How are you liking the DOT legacy? I took mine off because I found I was burning mobs (or trying to) before the DOT really paid off.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      hi, yeah it’s a hangover from when I used to group/raid. Having said that, I don’t mind the dot damage as I like sticking dots on a couple of grouped mobs, then focusing on one and it’s good for nameds as well. AND it’s always fun to watch one of those irritating ghost mobs disappear and be unhittable then die from a dot 😉 So yeah, not crucial and if it doesn’t suit your playstyle, definitely replace 🙂

  3. Manjur says:

    Are you in reality recommend to use essences of agility for hunter? For example, essence of agility t12(836 agility, 372 lvl) = 2*836 physical mastery + 836 critical rating. -> 2*essences of agility t12 = 3344 phys mastery + 1672 critical rating….or u can use 1 essence of physical mastery t12(10771 mastery) + essence of critical rating t12(7934 critical rating) = 10771 phys mastery + 7934 critical rating…
    That will be better?

    1. eldaeriel says:

      In reality I’m not recommending anything.

      What I did say, in the first paragraph, is that this is a collation of information that I’ve found and used. I also asked for any tips or improvements. I haven’t claimed to be an expert or that this is how you should build your hunter.

      I’m not sure why you felt the need to be so patronising.

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