#lotro challenge (4)

oof.  I hadn’t realised it has been so long since post no. 3 (oct 2016!!)  *ahem*   All challenges can be found under the 30 day challenge tag,  I’d love to hear other people’s answers, feel free to join in!  (Original questions)

16. Take a lotro selfie


17.  did you read the books before playing the game?  If not, has playing the game made you more curious at all?

I read the books as a child and teenager, watched the films, then played the game (pretty much order of release I suppose).  The game though, has made me more curious about Middle Earth, the developers have done a great job in rounding out snippets of lore and allowing you to explore places only briefly mentioned.

18. If you could throw an NPC into Mount Doom, who would get barbecued?

Hmm I’m not sure I would…  Although it’s tempting to say any of the suicidal escort quest npcs…  I think most of the bad guys either get their comeuppance or are on the road to redemption.

19.  Show off your favourite mount.

captain outfit (2)

Steed of the Alliance of the Third Age.  I like this horse mainly because it jingles as you ride.

20.  If you could only have one skirmish, which would it be?

Strike against Dannenglor or Protectors of Thangúlhad are amongst my favourites.  I like Protectors for the catapult, but I’d probably go for Strike as it’s an offensive skirmish and so you have more control.  I love the setting of that ruined courtyard, plus Mirkwood elves!

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