#eso #lotro Dailies and Events

School holidays are just bad for blogging, at least for me.  All normal routine goes out the window and things just get pushed aside and then I have to remember and push myself to write something.  It’s all good though, we had a lovely Easter hols with some very nice days out.

I did manage to log into ESO every day to do crafting writs for the Anniversary Event.  I only have 4 motifs left to complete now (!), although come the release of Summerset that number will increase again.  Now the event is over, I’ve had a purge of characters and I’m down to 5, which is a nice number and I enjoy playing all of them.  Sort of.  My Nightblade is my main and obviously I love that playstyle.  My stamsorc and magsorc are huge fun also.  I’m less sure of my magTemplar and stamWarden but I think that is lack of familiarity rather than actual dislike (see: Dragonknight.  Just can’t get on with this class).

eldaeriel hundings palatial hall elder scrolls online eso
I’ve built another section over the sea in my Hunding’s house.  I love the housing system here.

Lotro, I’m now working through the Anniversary quests I didn’t complete last year (the trifles) and the new Year 11 quests.  The gollum mask is horrendous, it’s funny but it’ll be gathering dust in my vaults I think.  I’ve got the items I like so I don’t need to grind tokens now.  I remade my High Elf Captain to a High Elf Warden and he’s about to start Trollshaws.  I already have a Rohirrim Captain and it just felt ridiculous having 2 captains.

calanar trollshaws lord of the rings online lotro
the new Calanar chilling with some elves near Thorenhad (while afk)


So.  Plans.

Lotro, I will get back in the routine of doing dailies with my Loremaster, get my Hunter through Mordor and chill out in the Trollshaws with my Warden

ESO, there are some solo achievements to work on with my NB, crafting writs to do and I quite fancy questing through Wrothgar and Craglorn with my MagSorc.

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