#lotro Sindarin ~ Astronomy


I decided to continue the old sindarin posts I did (now unpublished), but I’ve thought of a nicer (and possibly easier, possibly more difficult way) to do it

Astronomical objects:

  • sun – anor
  • moon – ithil
  • star – êl or elen
  • host of stars – giliath

astronomy sindarin terms lord of the rings online lotro

Translations from: Hiswelókë’s Sindarin Dictionary and Parf Edhellen

There are many more terms for star (e.g. gîl) and variations thereof, this page gives a good summary.  I stuck with these terms for simplicity.

You’ll find these popping up in place names and names all over Middle Earth.  Obvious examples would be Anórien and Ithilien in Gondor  (Sun-land and Moon-land respectively), Lin Giliath in the North Downs of Lord of the Rings Online (Pool of the Host of Stars) and Eldar (the name given to the elves by Oromë).

NB. el and elen can sometimes mean elf (e.g. Elessar ~ Elf-stone)

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