#lotro sindarin colours 1

sindarin colours 1 lord of the rings lotro

  • red – caran (Garth Agarwen, Lone-lands)
  • yellow – malen (Lothlórien)
  • blue – luin  (Cape of Belfalas, Gondor)
  • green – calen (The Old Forest, Buckland)
  • brown – baran (Brandywine River, The Shire)

It is interesting that more colours are not present in Sindarin, such as purple or pink, I found a really interesting article about why that may be.  There are more colours for types of red and brown and sky-blue but sadly not the colours for me to post a rainbow.  The colours in the screenshots are so gorgeous.  I have edited them slightly so they have a more similar level of saturation but not by very much at all (the blue is unedited).

sindarin source




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