craft the world


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Craft the World on my blog before, but it’s one I play when I just fancy getting away from it all.  I really enjoy the mix of exploration, combat, building and defence.

I’ve been working my way through the Campaign which leads you through four biome types (forest, ice, desert and underground) which get progressively harder.  So far, I’ve found that once you unlock the Tesla Tower in the Tech Tree, and get set up, defense of your base is largely automatic so you can ignore the previously deadly and annoying waves of attackers and get on with mining and exploring.


So far, on Underground mode, my standard defense is not going to work as the waves parachute down from the sky and I’ve heard that goblins dig up…  Underground has been really tough so far, wood is really hard to get hold of.  I’m getting there, though I’m sure my dwarves will be wiped out again at some point 😉

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