where i’m at


Still playing Black Desert Online.  Currently training 4 Tier 6 horses who will hopefully give me some T7s to start the whole process again.  I got the Dark Knight to 51 and it’s been fun seeing a bit more of the world.  Still decorating but nearly finished the Heidel house.

black desert online heidel house

I think I’m on my usual summer MMO holiday as I haven’t played either the Lord of the Rings Online and Elder Scrolls Online for a while.  I still love both games and will be back in soon I think.

The TES 6 announcement has of course made me want to replay Skyrim (again and maybe actually, you know, finish the DLCs).  I’m resisting so far.


Mythos: A retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece, by Stephen Fry.  (excellent by the way)

Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds (right at the beginning)


The Bridge (final season currently showing on BBC2).  Saga is such a fantastic character.

Dietland (on UK Amazon Prime).  I’m really enjoying this (only 2 episodes so far!) and I have no idea where it’s going, which is good.


Lunching at the seafront and reading at the park while the hobbit plays.


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