blaugust reborn!

I’ve taken part in Blaugust before and always found it fun and useful.  It has a new relaxed form this year, billed as a summer festival of blogging.  It is incorporating the Newbie Blogger Initiative to provide support, encouragement and community to new bloggers as well aiming to re-energise and re-connect for current bloggers.

Blaugust Reborn 2018

Belghast has the full details (including link to discord) and I strongly encourage you to take part 🙂

I have signed up as a mentor, although I’m not sure if my experience or motivation will be what people are looking for.   I run very hot and cold with blogging, I don’t get lots of page hits and I’m not well known in the blogging community (I have been blogging for nearly 10 years though…)  That all sounds pretty negative but it’s not really 🙂  It’s just that I primarily blog for me and I’m a bit of a slacker and also happen to be very bad at being social via twitter etc.

The aim of my blog has always been somewhere to bung the ridiculous amount of screenshots I take and, to a lesser extent, describe my adventures.  More importantly though, I’ve realised that this is a medium in which I can indulge in some semi-creative efforts and experiment.  For example, I did really enjoy re-telling Volume 2 of the epic story in Lord of Rings Online via screenshots and bubble captions, it’s quite old now (think was originally started and published in 2012) but I guess that shows how much I enjoyed it.  I did a couple for ESO too.  I’ve been experimenting with game panoramas and collages which is very enjoyable and also began a diary for one of my Skyrim characters (sadly not to be finished as I lost the save files and specific mod installs).  I don’t think any of them are that good, but I really enjoyed the process and that was the point.

I also use the blog as an outlet for useful ‘stuff’, which is mostly an excuse for putting pretty pictures with some words…  For example, the translation of colours into Sindarin, a quick reference to some dailies, or sharing an idea of how to follow either a dwarven or an elven path through Lotro.  I also enjoy the 30 day challenges as they are also an opportunity for favourite screenshots and I can choose how verbose I want to be with the written answers. Oh and sharing outfits

I will be participating in #BlaugustReborn and I am more than happy to be a mentor, although I’m not sure if my motivations and output are going to be of any use 🙂

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  1. Stargrace says:

    yay for more participants

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