#skyrim still playing

Post 2 of blaugustreborn

I’m still very much enjoying Skyrim, I can’t believe what a difference having the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod has made.  I still haven’t run through the Thieves Guild questline yet!  I’ve finished the Dragonborn and Dawnguard questlines for the first time (very fun) and managed to restrict myself to two houses.  I’m using the Solitude house for husband and kids as it’s just down the road from the Legacy museum and safe house (where I keep all my stuff and craft).  It’s working out really well – I love the auto sorting feature.

I ended up choosing Argis the Bulwark for my follower/hubby/packmule and he is hilarious.  He’s pretty bloodthirsty and possibly been hit on the head a few too many times but his ambient dialogue keeps me amused, yelling “I’LL RIP YOU IN HALF” to a dragon for e.g.  He obviously also manages to tread on every trap, I’ve given up trying to lead him round, it’s quite funny.  I will be leaving him behind for the Thieves guild and the Dark Brotherhood though.  If I do start the DB, it will be the first time in my Elder Scrolls history (excepting ESO), as actually assassinating npcs feels a little different to killing ‘baddies’ by stealth.

skyrim argis the bulwark getting married

I’ve also been playing around with the free cam.



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