#lotro challenge (5)

Post 6 of Blaugust Reborn

21 Post some gorgeous Lotro scenery

This, possibly, has all the elements that make Lotro’s scenery so gorgeous – sublime skies, reflections in water, lush plantlife and,  just in view, some lovely architecture.

lotro raft elves loeglond lord of the rings online

22. Which festival is the best?

Possibly Yulefest.  I like how it’s contained, there’s a good story and, possibly more importantly, can be run through on repeats quite quickly and efficiently.  Plus who doesn’t love a snowy, yule-y atmosphere?  (see question 24 for a picture)

23.  Show off your hobbit hole, man cave, elvish home or dwarvish hall

I splurged on a premium house, I would prefer an elvish home but I fell in love with the bedroom ceiling and the seaside location…

24. Which title is your main character using right now?

She is Eldaerian of the Seven Stars, an anniversary award.  I just really like it.

lotro eldaerian frostbluff lord of the rings online

25.  Your proudest in-game accomplishment?

DU challenge

This one stands out as we really loved this dungeon as on T2  and Challenge mode, it was in fact a real challenge.  Team Orange FTW!


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  1. I’m going to begin working on the LOTRO challenge on Friday of this week. The questions are mostly pretty great. I’ll just ignore the ones I have no answers to 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Yes, that’s what I love about these challenges, you can make them your own :). You could even make up a more suitable question or just post a screenshot. Look fwd to reading!

  2. S. Greystone says:

    Reblogged this on Gray's Cozy Nook.

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