#lotro plant-life

As Middle Earth is an ancient version of our own world, many of the plants are familiar to us,  the plants below are peculiar to Middle Earth.

plants lord of the rings online lotro

  • lebethronroughly ‘finger tree
  • mallorn (pl. mellyrn) – from malt (gold) and orn (tree)
  • athelas – from athae (no direct translation) and lass (leaf), also known as Kingsfoil.
  • elanor – from él (star) and anor (sun)
  • mallos – from malt (gold) and loth/loss (flower/snow)
  • niphredil – translated explicitly as snowdrop  (just realised that this would make it not exclusive to middle earth… doh)
  • uilos – there is some ambiguity with this flower, uilos has a meaning of something like ‘ever-white’, however, it was also known as Simbelmynë, which means ‘evermind’ which is closer in meaning with alfirin (another term thought to be used for this flower).

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