galaxies and shires

I’ve just finished Mass Effect: Andromeda and I really enjoyed it.  On the downside, there were a few too many ‘busy’ tasks which I ignored and the planets felt a bit… rushed, I suppose.  I did expect more differences in the flora and fauna between planets.  I think playing it way after launch was beneficial as most of the bugs seem to have been ironed out and it was  a smooth experience in that regard.

I really liked the new characters, and tended to hang around with PeeBee and Liam the most, although Vaetra and Drak were good fun as a team.  There were noticeable tensions between some of the characters which did make me avoid taking along certain combos.  I ended up romancing Reyes in the end – which was a fun, light thing though could have done with a bit more dialogue after the main romance scenes.  Movie night was very well done and one of the missions (the asari ark one i think) was both funny and dramatic.  I liked the enemy, they are uncompromising  and unrelenting, although I suspect they may turn out to be more than we’ve seen eventually.  I also particularly liked the quick reaction options for a couple of the scenes.  The mystery of the remnant is pretty good – what happened to them? why was the scourge sent to them?  what are/were their intentions?  It looks like there will be further instalments in this series, which I’ll be looking forward to.

still no screenies due to ridiculous xbox app limitations.

I’ve also been playing lotro – I’ve been having to share my PC as Dimzad has popped back to EQ2 and is busy sorting out his inventory >.<  My lore-master is ready-ish for Update 23 (arriving tomorrow!), I didn’t quite get the rep grind finished for Felegoth & Dale but am very close, at least I’ll get xp for finishing it now.  I’ve just got my Hunter to 115 (a combination of Mordor daily task and skirmish Storm of Methedras – I couldn’t face the Mordor slog) so I’ll catch up on the epic quests with her too.

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  1. saltycleric says:

    Peebee was great. Her and Jaal’s banter was hilarious as a combat team. Couldn’t separate them once I got a taste of their back and forth conversation.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      ah…. i never tried that combo! I’ll have to pop back and try it out – thanks 🙂

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