what I’m doing…

Just a quick update of what I’m up to

Playing: mostly Lord of the Rings Online.  Thoroughly enjoying the new update, though gearing up seems unnecessarily confusing.  I’ve recently remembered that although I finished the Legacy of the Dragonborn (and finished the two Skyrim DLCs for the first time), I didn’t complete either of the main quests or the Dark Brotherhood questline.  I’m wondering whether to pop back or count that playthrough as finished.

Reading: I have Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology to finish, a couple of the Discworld science books to read and I have a few books on my wishlist (Jo Brand’s new one, How to be famous – Caitlin Moran for e.g.)

Watching: We’re watching the latest season of Daredevil and The Good Place.  I’m also watching Jane the Virgin and just watched the reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (both very good).

Doing: I’ve finally got round to crocheting and I wish I had done so earlier – it’s so much quicker than knitting!  So I’ve been making Christmas pressies for people.

We’ve also been making eco-bricks.  (You basically stuff a plastic bottle with unrecyclable plastics (clean and dry!) and they can be either donated to a  collection point or you can build things for yourself with them)  I can’t believe how much it has reduced our weekly bin bag – shocking.  I know it’s not a permanent solution but for plastic you can’t avoid, it’s better in the short term at least.

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