#lotro legendary server

I was a little sceptical at first, I wasn’t sure what the point was when, theoretically, you could do the same thing on the normal servers.  I had a fear of missing out though, so I decided to roll a character and check it out.  Fortunately, I waited until this morning to do so and missed most of the server shenanigans.

How amazing though?  I’m really pleased that the launch has been so popular (enough for a second server to be added).

I ended up rolling a Lore-master, yes the same class as my max level main.  I really didn’t fancy re-playing any of the other classes I have levelled at least somewhat and although I did also make a Rune-keeper to try out, for some reason the familiarity of the LM pulled me back.  I think I miss my pets – it doesn’t feel right without them now.  I went with High Elf as getting to hang out with Gil-galad, Cirdan, Elrond and Thranduil is too much to pass on.  Plus I love Tham Send.

It actually feels quite fun to be starting fresh without a crafting alt-army backup, and it’s lovely to see the low level questing areas busy again.  I mean really busy!  It’s strange how new and slightly magical it feels, so I’m thinking I might try this out properly…  I mean by grouping and joining a kin – I mean MMOs are more fun with other people 😉


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