#lotro Lore-master solo PVE build (U27)

NB.  This is a compilation of the advice I have found in various places and the things that seem to work for me.  I’ve not had any problems soloing (including resource instances and similar in Mordor / Grey Mountains) with this setup.  Having said that, there is always room for tweaking and improvement – if you have any suggestions or tips, please let me know.  Please keep in mind it is a solo build.

lm legendary

Book Legacies:

  • Target Resistance (Fire Skills)
  • Target Resistance (Debuffing)
  • Wizard’s Fire Critical Chance
  • Burning Embers Critical Chance
  • Pet Attack Duration
  • Fire Damage Over Time
  • Pet Morale

Staff Legacies:

  • Burning Embers Initial Damage
  • Cracked Earth Damage
  • Gust of Wind Damage
  • Storm-lore damage
  • Tactical Skills Direct Damage
  • Sticky Gourd Base Direct Damage
  • Fire Skills Critical Damage


  • Grand Vales Setting of the West
  • Grand Vales Gem of Will
  • Vales Rune of Enchantment
  • Westemnet Device of Tactics

Legacies: Bear in mind, I mostly solo so these aren’t the best in slot legacies. I may swap a couple of legacies.  I used to have two books when I was raiding / grouping: one for damage and one for support but now I’m mostly playing solo I’ve leant towards one damage focused book. 

Relics: I need to check that I have the latest ones you can barter for. The Westemnet Device is pretty much not worth having but the only one which will upgrade is locked behind group content, which I’m currently not doing.

Title: Knowledge of Eldar Days III (beleriand damage + tactical mastery) I need to check that there isn’t a newer version of this.

lm build

Skill points: This is my current build (Keeper of Animals). I am tempted to remove some points to get some more debuffs from the yellow tree but this works pretty well for solo. Red build is faster, with more damage but I like the survivability of this.

Virtues: Wit, Tolerance, Honesty, Wisdom and Confidence. Although this entirely depends on what you feel you need boosted.

lm gear

Mordor: Purple 112 Towers set (70 ash each) from High Enchanter, Elf Smith. If you’re sticking with Mordor gear for now, I found this thread hugely helpful (gear is last post iirc)

Strongholds of the North: the Dale 115 will set plus teal quest rewards.

Where Dragons Dwell: I’m using the teal cloak reward plus the purple gear traded by the Dwarf-Holds Quartermaster for Marks of the Longbeards, upgrading with teal gear from the Ember merchant as and when.  I’ve written some notes on gearing for this update.

U27: The Great Wedding: I’m using a mixture of quest rewards from the Mists of Wilderlands and ember traded gear.

Essences: Finesse to get to a reasonable level, plus crit / vitality / tactical mastery for other slots. I’ve used the numbers here as a target for stats up to 115, see here for 120.  For level 130, I use the ratings calculator here to make sure my stats are balanced.

*Myndariel has collated links to current class guides and info if you’re looking for more info or other classes.


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